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Our position against racism

Cook Aviation is a family company founded in 1988 and is proud to be a Cook Group Company.  We were founded on core values of mutual respect , acting with integrity, and deeply committing to the quality of products and services we provide for our customers.  Racism and injustice exist everywhere and adversely impact human dignity as well as access to education, jobs, housing, justice, and healthcare.  Injustice and intolerance must be addressed, both within Cook and in our broader communities; we recognize our own responsibility to make the necessary changes.

To that end, we commit to a conscientious effort to remove barriers that block progress for people and communities.  We affirmatively commit to having zero tolerance for and standing against racism, inequality, and discrimination in all forms.

We stand together with our Cook Families and their global communities to combat any form of racism.  We can and will do more to create a more equitable society that allows all of us to reach our full potential.

In June, we established an Equity Task Force to ensure that Cook is a place that provides equal opportunity and understanding for everyone.  Through education, internal initiatives, and more focused involvement within our communities, we believe that Cook can help remove the barriers that many people have historically faced and continue to encounter.

We have established objectives to guide our efforts, including:


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Our Position Against Racism

Our Position Against Racism

Our position against racism Cook Aviation is a family company […]

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